Saturday, March 20, 2010

Product Review

Fleurtzy from textureplayground recently started selling products and I purchased Curls Nurture Cream.  I decided to try it on my daughter because she never keeps a scarf or satin cap on during the night.  I washed & conditioned her hair and then while her hair was still damp I smooth in the Curls Nurture Cream and braided her hair in box braids.  I love the texture of this product and could see myself using it for my twist outs.  After about a week in the braids I took her hair down and after the adventures of a two year old her hair was still moisturized and could of been worn in a braid out if we chose too.  I will definately be repurchasing this product.  The product costs $9 for 4 ozs and can befound at the above link.

Friday, March 5, 2010


So it's been a while since I blogged anything, I have been dealing with the things that come along with life, work, being a mother, my son having a muscle biopsy and my husband's grandmother being on life support.  Sounds like alot as I type it but you know what I do when I feel stressed or overwhelmed, I shop like many of you probably do also.  So I decided to blog about what I have bought since I have been away.  So I have purchased everything from accesories to hair products.

Let's get into the accesories first:

I bought this beautiful necklace from ClassicknessVintage, if you think the products in this shop are beautiful you should check out the owner's handmade shop here

This necklace is even more beautiful in person.

I also bought some beautiful earrings from Lunaversoul

The plan is to wear these in a photo shoot.

I also bought this vintage snake belt from LoveBrownSugar.  This beautiful lady also has a blog located here.

I found these beautiful headbands searching etsy and they are by QuellyRueDesigns

I also bought some crochet headbands from LuvNaturals.

Now on to the hair products, I did not go crazy because I have pretty much found my staple hair products which are Darcy's Botanicals but I like to try other company's variations of products so I bought three products from NUNULOVEHANDMADES

You should know by now I moisturize my hair and my daughter's with spirtz, oil and then cream based moisturizer. I have heard good things about Nunulovehandmades from my friend @ Coup de Coeur.  So I had to try them, I will come back and let you know what I think.