Sunday, September 18, 2011

Missed the bus

I you ever bought a product and just set it on the shelf to use for later?  Then once you pick it up sometimes months later you fall in love with it and say to yourself I have to get some more of this, then to your utter dismay the company no longer sells said product.  Well I have been this way for the past 5 months with Lavida Given By Nature's Rosemary Mint liquid Shampoo.  Now while I was fully aware when she decided to stop producing the shampoo but I really wasn't using it as my staple then so I really didn't give it any second thought, but in these last 5 months it has become a staple for both me and my daughter.  It's thick and a little goes a long way, the suds are absolutely awesome oh did I mention that you only need a little and its not drying but your hair and scalp are thoroughly clean.  Now while I do have one and half bottles of this liquid gold I would be first in line if Lavida brought it back.  Have you ever missed a bus on a product you fell in love with?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

All Natural House Cleaners

Often many naturals worry about what chemicals we put in our hair but recently I was thinking about the chemicals we clean our house with. 

About two months ago I joined Heartsy, heartsy is a website where vendors offer awesome discounted gift codes to their stores.  On Heartsy I found Mrs Jones Soapbox and I will have to say at first I was a little skeptical thinking can a natural cleaner really do better than my chemical laden cleaners.  I bought the Eco Friendly Household Cleaning Kit and it only cost me $15 at Heartsy for $40 store credit and I paid for shipping not a bad deal at all.  Now I haven't tried all the products but I love the Clean, Sparkle, Shine and the Soapy.

Let's talk about the Clean,  my husband had recently clean a wall in our house with some other cleaner and it unfortunately left a wet spot on the wall and we could not figure out how to get rid of the spot, but one spray and wipe with the Clean and the spot disappeared. 

The Sparkle I use to clean my mirrors and glass in my house it took a little getting use to since I was use to using commercial glass cleaner but I love it.

The Shine I use on my wood and leather and I love having a multiple use cleaner.

If you try Heartsy or Mrs Jones Soapbox let me know, also for my natural ladies shops like Beija-Flor and Karess Krafter have also been featured on Heartsy.

Whew Life

I know back in June I said I was back but between my duties as a mother, Airman and church I have been extremely busy so...... I think I am back now and will try to blog at least every other day.  Thank you to all that read my blog.