Monday, September 27, 2010

Broken toe doesn't stop the show

Saturday morning I unfortunately broke my third toe by hitting it on the corner of the wall in a rush. I knew the toe was broken but I refused to sit in the emergency room for God knows how long for them to tell me they could not do anything, not to mention I had a paper due and final exam for my college course had to do the diva's hair and my hair. Well let's say I accomplished 2 of the 4 items on Saturday and finished the other 2 on Sunday. I attempted a flat twist and curl on my hair but of course I did too late so it wasn't dry this morning so I pulled my hair back in a puff, I will try another day. But I did take pictures of the diva's hair. She has been in mini twist for two weeks which included washing and conditioning during those two weeks. I will never keep her hair in twist this long again; her hair was beginning to loc. I love doing her hair because I can do things to her hair that I cannot do to mine.  Below is the diva's hair I used NjoiCreationS' Herbal Twisting Gel.

Friday, September 3, 2010

My Diva's Hair

I am currently in a protective style kinky twist so I only have to do my daughter's hair once a week, what a relief but her hair is already reaching her lower back so it takes a little longer to complete this task.  Below is our hairstyle this week.

My Shoe Obession

I love shoes............all kinds of shoes, high heels, boots, flats, sandals..............currently I have a closet full of shoes and I am constantly looking for shoes.  When a shoe makes me gasp for air I must have it.  Below are some shoes I recently bought at Amiclubwear for $12.00.

I had to have these when I saw them.  I am currently awaiting for the beauties below to arrive in the mail from Shoe Dazzle.
And I am contemplating which color of these boots I want to get from Just Fab.
What shoes are you getting or have already bought?