Saturday, March 20, 2010

Product Review

Fleurtzy from textureplayground recently started selling products and I purchased Curls Nurture Cream.  I decided to try it on my daughter because she never keeps a scarf or satin cap on during the night.  I washed & conditioned her hair and then while her hair was still damp I smooth in the Curls Nurture Cream and braided her hair in box braids.  I love the texture of this product and could see myself using it for my twist outs.  After about a week in the braids I took her hair down and after the adventures of a two year old her hair was still moisturized and could of been worn in a braid out if we chose too.  I will definately be repurchasing this product.  The product costs $9 for 4 ozs and can befound at the above link.


Amina said...

Thank you for the review!! I can't wait to purchase it and try it !!!

Laquita said...

Great review - I also tried the Curls Nurture Cream and it's great :o)

Anyway, I am also writing to let you know you were one of the alternative winners of the hair tie giveaway I did on my blog All Naptural

Send me your address (to and I will send your surprise prize :o)