Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My love affair with handmade soaps

I absolutely <3 handmade soaps, if you remember I have this  full of soap.

And even though I have all this soap I have to restrain myself from buying anymore soap and its not easy when a vendor I have tried before or I am dying to try has a sale. 

What I look for in a handmade soap is:
1. A nice scent (sometimes I like a strong scent that lingers or sometimes a scent that is light)
2. A good size soap that I can get alot of uses out of.
3. A soap that cleans the skin but does not strip it dry.
4. A soap that gives me a nice amount of suds
5. and of course a soap where I feel like I got my money's worth and more

Some soaps I have tried (in no particular order):

1. Rebeeca's Soap Deli I love the Rosemary Mint
2. Hairveda's Champaka Ayurveda Soap  Now this soap gave me big bang for my buck, its only $3.50 not including shipping and it lasted a long time.

3. Gassner Custom Soaps  This is my holy grail facial soaps.  It cleans and leaves my skin not strip of moisture.  Look how beautiful the soap looks

4. Shea Butter Cottage Ok not only is the owner THE BEST, all her products are great.  I LOVE her soap and I have restrained from buying every bar.  Some of the soap below:

5. Chagrin Valley Ok this is another bar where you get more than your money's worth and the selection is to die for, don't take my word for it got to the website and see yourself.

6. Zaja Natural Another Awesome owner and wonderful soap with a great selections and you can get matching fragrances of body butter, sugar scrub, soap and perfume to name a few.  Oh did I mention she also makes beer soaps and has wine soaps and tea soaps coming soon. 

7. Lavida given by nature forgot this one and thanks to Amina I am adding it.  I love Lavida's soaps and I have many more to try, I cant wait until she reopens to see what goodies are available.

Why oh why do they do me like this.

Soaps I am dying to try:

Oh I am doing the happy soap dance because my fav candle maker Lilac Ave will be selling soap soon!!!!!!

Do you have any fav soaps?  Share them with me PLEASE!!!!

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Amina said...

great collection!
I have so much soap that I have nooo excuses to smell bad or not take a shower!
I also want to start soap-making for fun as a hobby
my fav soaps: lavida given by nature lavender soaps as well as the patchouli soaps, karess krafters from etsy has great soap too,who else??
have you tried the beer soap company..also from zaja..

Angelique said...

Oh no how did I forget Lavida, I love her soaps also I'm going to correct that right now. My husband has tried the beer soap and he likes it.