Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hair Growth

As I slowly reach my one year nappiversary, the one thing I despise about being in the military (having to wear a hat 5 days a week) has assisted me in seeing how my hair is growing.  As I often alternate from wearing mini twist to wearing chunky twist outs, I recently had two and this week had to buy a bigger hat.  Unfortunately as my hair continues to grow out I am unable to do a twist out and get the desired look so I have to find an alternative method.  I think I am going to try this method that I found on Curly Nikki the next time I attempt a twist out.  Currently I am wearing my hair in small twists in the back and meduim twists in the front twisted into a side braid.  As much as I sometimes have the desire to cut my hair my goal is to get my natural hair to the length that my permed hair was when I decided to go natural.  6 days from now I will celebrate one year natural and I can't wait.  Below is the length my hair was when I was relaxed,

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