Thursday, October 28, 2010

One year Blog Giveaway Winner!!!!!!!!!!!

Well today marks my one year anniversary and I currently sit in temporary housing because we have changed states again.  Unfortunately I didn't think out my need for hair products and I only have the minimum; Shea Butter Cottage Afro Shampoo Bar, Darcy Botanical's Curl Detangling Milk and Daily Leave-n Conditioner, Peace Love and Sunshine Cutie Juice and I broke down and bought ORS Smooth -n-hold pudding.  As I type I'm trying to hold off on buying anything because I want to wait for Black Friday.  Ok enough of my rambling and on to the winner.  Well I had two entries one via the blog and one via email and with one answer incorrect the beautiful Amina.  Below are the correct answers:
1. What was my first post about?

My Children

2. When I broke my vow not to buy anymore hair products what did I buy?

Darcy's Botanicals, Brown Butter Beauty, Oyin Handmade and Anita Grant

3. What procedure did my son have last year?

muscle biopsy

4. When did I do my first puff?

December 8th 2009

5.What is my daughter's holy grail for moisture?

Darcy's botanical's

6. What was my first product review?


7. What soaps have I tried?

Zaja, sheabutter cottage, chagrin valley,gassner custom soaps, hairveda,rebecca's soap deli and lavida given by nature

8. What is my inspiration for being natural?

The Lil Diva

9. Who surprised me with a birthday gift?

Akua from Sheabutter cottage

10. What did I break last month?

My toe

But wait there is more the other contestant will not go home empty handed but will receive:
$50 gift certificate from Peace Images Jewelry

$15 gift certificate from Lilac Ave
Thank you to everyone who participated I hope the winners enjoy their prizes!!!!!

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Amina said...

thank you sooo much!
I am so grateful!