Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Experience.......

with having braids by African braiding salon.  Before Thanksgiving I had my hair braided to get ready for my deployment.  While the ladies did an excellent job, the braids were a little tight for my taste and they braided every piece of hair on my head.  Now usually I get my hair braided by my mother or a friend so I was not use to getting baby hairs braided or it being this tight and at first I contemplated taking it down two days later.  The other downside was that because I am in the military, 5 out of 7 days I must have the hair in a style which does not go past the bottom of my collar which means pulling it up and putting unwanted stress on my poor strands.  So with that being said my hair only lasted until 30 Dec when I took it down because I was missing my hair.  Everyday I was praying please let my hair be okay and because that reason I'm not sure it I will get my hair braided by this method again.

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