Friday, November 27, 2009

I have...

broken my vow to not buy anymore hair products because of the Black Friday sales. I swiped some Darcy's Botanicals, who can pass up her goodies? Well I bought from Darcy's Botanicals: the Cocoa Bean Oil, Avocado and Wild Plum Twisting Cream, Eucalyptus Mint Scalp Conditioning Butter, Organic Coconut and Aloe Moisture Pudding, Organic Coconut and Aloe Moisture Pudding (which is a gift for my auntie) and Herbal Tea Leave-In Conditioning Spritz. Also partook in Brown Butter Beauty and bought the Sweet Milk Detangling Cream Leave in Conditioner and Shea Mint Moisturizing Shampoo with 25% off who can resist, I know I can't. I also bought from Oyinhandmade because I have am in love with the Honeywash so I got a 16oz. Also one of may favs Anita Grant, I got Vanilla and Sandalwood oil, Cafe Latte, and Sapote and Coconut Pomade.  I didn't do too much damage but I stayed in the house and shopped safe for Black Friday but my DH went out and braved the crazy shoppers and made it home safe. So now I will make a vow to only buy out of necessity and try not to joy shop until my one year nappiversy which is in June.

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