Thursday, November 5, 2009

I am...

so grateful.  For the things God is doing for my son.  He is so intelligent.  He has to have a muscle biopsy because the doctors are still trying to get a diagnose, so I discussed with him what the doctors want to do and proceeded to ask him if he thought we should do the biopsy and he shook his head yes.  Now this might seem minute to many of you but my son is 5 years old, has a developmental delay and does not speak.  He spent much of his young life being tested by different doctors.  We have remained in the dark until recently when a specialist said I think it is "X" and my husband and I was a little wary because we had decided no more test for my son because the doctors were just doing them in blindness, but we decided to let them test once again to find if it was indeed what they thought it was.  We still have yet to get the muscle biopsy done but my son is my little hero because he is being tested for both him and his little sister who is believed to have the same disorder.  Moral: Never disregard a child's intelligence or knowledge of what is going on in their surrondings.

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