Monday, January 25, 2010

My Protective Style....

only lasted a month.  I had really bad loose hair withdrawal.  I proceeded to take it down after much discussion with myself and shampooed, conditioned and then henna for the first time with Nupur Mehendi.

Nupur has a list of Ayuerudic Herbs:
Brahmi/Shikakai/Aloe Vera/Methi/Bhringraj/Amla/Neem/Hibiscus/Jatmansi
I always wondered if I could add the herbs I already had to my henna and Nupur answered this question.  So I only keep the henna on for 45 minutes and then rinsed it out and moisturized with my Darcy's Botanicals Triple Threat (Herbal Spritz/Cocoa Bean Oil/Curl Detangling Milk). Then I three strand twist my hair with Wet Set Pudding from Curlsbysistersmith.  Here are my results:

I Love three strand twistouts.

I also did a twist hawk on my daughters hair:


Amina said...

wooow...first of all, at least you are able to keep your protective style for a month, i can barely last a week.
loove the triple treat :)
your twists are so on point!! Your daughter is so adorable!!

Angelique said...

Yeah the month was a struggle after the first week I was ready to take them out I was supposed to keep them in for three months. Thank You the twistout is my fav style every. She is my little diva I was trying to take pics of her hair but she keep turning to smile for the pic.

scentualsoundtracks said...

You are gorgeous and your daughter is a little model! How cute. Make sure to save those pictures!

Angelique said...

Thank you!!! I am definately going to save those pics cause they grow so fast.