Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I was

able to do my first puff.  It was out of complete laziness, I wore a twistout for my Christmas party and didn't feel like washing hair so I threw it in a puff. 

Also my Darcy's Botanical came from my Black Friday order and of course I was definately motivated to wash my hair once I got my box.  So I washed with some Anita Grant and DC with Darcy's Conditioning mask which I already a had and then broke out the new goodies.  I spritz with her Herbal Tea leave in and then put on the Cocoa Bean oil and then I twisted my hair with the Avocado and Wild Plum Twisting Cream and in the morning I un twisted to get this:

The best compliment was from my husband who said what do you have in your hair citrus.


Amina said...

you sold me the product
i am getting it :)

Angelique said...

Its so worth you should get it.

Sandy said...

Your hair is absolutely gorgeous!