Sunday, December 27, 2009

I am...

obessed with Etsy.  It's more than just the hair stuff but it is everything from jewlery to beanies to clothes.  I have 11 pages of favortie items that I plan to buy and 20 pages of favorite sellers.  I can spend hours on etsy just looking at the beautiful goodies and it doesn't help that when I find a seller I like I go and look at their favorites which only adds more to mine.  Here is the link to my favorites: Etsy favorites.  What are your favs from Etsy?


Amina said...

girl, same here!! I am hoping that one day I'll have a shop there too... I *heart*etsy..
off to check out your favorites..
so far mine are pretty much the ones I've reviewed.

There's one however that will never get my money. He/she is just scandalous and always talks down about his secret ingredient..i'll send you the link

Laquita said...

Wow - You're way ahead of me with favorites :o) I also loooove etsy.