Sunday, December 13, 2009

We are....

both in protective styles.   I decided to twist my hair and my two DD's hair in some small twist.  We probably wont stay in them long because as I said in the previous post I miss my loose hair and once her hair becomes frizzy I will take it down. 

I washed her hair and then detangled using hello hydration and then I spritzed her hair with Greg's Juice slapped on some vatika frosting and then some moisturizer I don't remember which once and braided her hair into four plaits.  The next day I used the sunshine I won to twist my daughter's hair.  Her hair is thin just like my mom's hair but I love playing in it.

Here are the pics of my hair I used Cafe Latte from Anita Grant and Darcy's Botanical Eucalyptus Mint Scalp Conditioning Butter on my scalp.  I smelled like a York's Peppermint Patty.

We also went and saw the Princess and the frog tonight and overall it was a good movie, she enjoyed it so momma's happy.


Amina said...

your daughter is soo adorable!!
I have to try that cafe latte/ darcys combo too..
I love it that we use the same products.your twists are very pretty

Angelique said...

Thank you Amina!!! Yeah I wanted to taste the Cafe Latte because I am a coffee lover but I made even worst when I put in the Darcy's. We do have alot of the same products huh? Great minds do think alike ;)

Laquita said...

Wonderful twists - so nice and neat :o)