Monday, December 14, 2009

I was.....

asked an interesting question today by my boss.  He wanted to know if the release of the Princess and the frog was really that big of a deal because he saw on the news grown women dressed as princess going to see the movie,and to be truthful I have to say to me it is not.  Whether Disney has anymore princess of color it will not change who my mother instill in me to be.  I always had strong women around me growing up whether it was at home or at school.  So there being a black Princess was not that big of deal to me, neither was the color of the prince.  Now I explained to my boss that it was a big deal to some because Disney has not had an African American princess, but they have had a princess of color if you count the princess from Aladdin. What are your thoughts on the importance of the Princess and the Frog?

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